Welcome to Its A Judges Life

Welcome to the life of a UK Snowboard Judge. Note – this blog has nothing to do with the wig-wearing, gavel-swinging type of judge. Strictly clipboards and goggles.
The life of a snowboard judge is a pretty incredible one and I started It’s a Judges Life to provide a snapshot into that life: The travel montages, the mountain-sunrise shots, and the effervescent ramblings from behind a laptop screen. But being a snowboard judge is not a 24/7 career – and since I started I’ve begun to explore so much more in the sport: coaching, marketing, social media, as well as pursuing my own non-snowsport goals – I never knew there was such a thing.

As I started to do more and more in the world of snowsport and action sports, I started to diversify the blog – adding the Ramblings topic for my brainwaves, musings and whimsical thoughts about snowsports in general (dangerous territory!)

So it’s ended up as more of a personal blog from someone involved (I’d like to think ‘heavily’) in the snowsport industry.