A Life of travel, frozen fingers and counting in multiples of 180

Welcome to It’s a Judges Life, a snowboarding blog written to provide a snapshot into the Life of a Snowboarding Judge: The travel montages, the mountain-sunrise shots, and the effervescent ramblings from behind a laptop screen. It’s been expanded to include even more ramblings – not specifically related to judging, but covering a variety of areas of Snowboarding.

Hit “The Judging Life”  to navigate through a maze of photo’s and sentences I’ve put together on my journey as a Snowboarding Judge.

Judging 101” is effectively a few hints & tips on Snowboard judging – not quite a ‘that trick would earn a 56’, but more of a sarcastic, light hearted and humerous take on some of the obvious (and not so obvious) do’s, don’ts and maybes of Snowboard Judging.

Ramblings” – this category is exactly what it says on the tin: all my brainwaves, musings and whimsical thoughts about snowsports in general.

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Stoked to work with this crew of skiers over the years - happy to get a couple of shots in their latest film